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What are features ?

What are features?

You can use features to make your ad stand out in the listings. They give you more visibility and a better chance at selling. There are a few different ones, so it’s good to know what they do. It makes choosing easier.
When can I feature my ad?
Whenever you like. Some people choose to do it when they post a brand new ad. But you can post a regular ad and later feature it if you see you’re not getting the response you wanted.
And how do I do it?
There are two ways to do it. Find the ad you want to feature in your ‘Manage my ads’ page. You can either click on the ‘Promote’ button or the ‘Edit’ button at the side. The difference is that ‘Promote’ lets you feature the ad without accessing it directly. The ‘Edit’ options opens the ad and lets you choose the feature you want, but also lets you change other parts of the ad as well.
What features are there?
There are five different features you can buy for your ad.
-  URL feature lets you put a link to another website on your ad, since you can’t put links in the ad itself. This feature lasts for the entire lifespan of the ad, but the link can’t be changed once you post it.
-  The Urgent feature puts a tag on your ad for seven days, to let people know you need to sell quickly. The ad will move down the listings, like a regular ad would, but people can search specifically for ads marked as urgent.
-  Bump Up is like an express pass back to the top of the listings. If your ad’s been on the site for a while, and want it to move up to get more views, that’s what this feature does. It also resets the ad’s duration to 30 days, so really it’s like getting a new ad.
-  The Spotlight ad will feature your ad on the Gumtree homepage. This means everyone will be able to see it, even if they don’t run a search or look in the category you posted in. This feature is on for seven days.
- If you Feature your ad, your ad will be displayed at the top of the listings for the amount of time you specify. You can currently get 3, 7 or 14 day feature for your ad.
Quick tip: Go through some listings before you buy a feature. You’ll be able to see how they look on the site.
Another quick tip: Only the bump up will reset your ad’s lifespan.
What else should I know?
Once you feature your ad, we won’t be able to refund you if you change your mind, so make sure you choose the one you want. You also won’t be able to remove the feature from the ad or transfer it to another ad. If you don’t like the way it works, you’ll have to delete your ad and post a new one.
The homepage Spotlight and the Featured ads will rotate on the site to give everyone the same visibility. Hundreds of ads are featured on the site, and since we can’t put them all on the first page, they rotate to allow all ads to be shown on the first page as some point.

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